#TBT Donna Balancia Tabbed to Lead Gannett into Digital Era

Donna Balancia Gannett Online

Donna spoke eloquently about the need to convert to digital newsrooms in Gannett corporate videos.

GANNETT Company, like all other newspaper publishers, needed to take its digital strategy and apply it in real time to its hundreds of newsrooms and thousands of employees across the company.

During this period from 2005-2007, Donna Balancia was called upon to lead the newsroom in digital conversion.  Donna was enlisted to help promote Gannett’s digital initiative and acted as internal company spokeswoman to illustrate the need for immediacy in news coverage.

“The future of news lies in the palm of your hand,” Balancia said in several videos shot for the company during the initiative. “We must embrace the digital news mindset that is on the horizon.  Either we get in the groove, or we lose.  Social media and real-time immediacy will carry our news business into the future.”

Donna’s message was so effective, it was used in Gannett’s nationwide PR and corporate motivational campaign.

Donna leads by example and inspired coworkers.  Her experience at the wire services and in broadcast contributed greatly to the successful conversion of Gannett’s Orlando Information Center from print to multi-platform digital news.

Donna Balancia a leader in Gannett's conversion to digital newsrooms

Donna was a leader in Gannett’s conversion to digital newsrooms across the country.


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