Kids Learn Astronaut Pettit’s lesson with ‘Angry Birds’ Exhibit

Kids had a blast playing real-life Angry Birds Space Encounter

Kids had a blast at opening of Angry Birds Space Encounter at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Lesson Aboard ISS Resonates for Youngsters

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — Angry Birds Space Encounter, an interactive exhibit for kids 6 to 60 years old, opened to throngs of enthusiastic gamers and fans of the well-known app Friday.

On hand was Astronaut Don Pettit, who gained viral fame with his demonstration of “trajectory” with a home-made slingshot and his plush Angry Bird toy while aboard the International Space Station.  His fun video was the initial push that led the team at NASA to create an exhibit with Rovio, the company that created the addictive app, where the pigs are defeated by birds that land on them via sling shot.

“Trajectory is the lesson here,” Pettit said.  “It’s nice to know people remember some of the videos I made while aboard the International Space Station.  If we can inject math and science into a game or things that kids think are fun, then that’s great.”

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