Boca Raton’s Gold Machine: The Rainbow Ends Here

PMX-machine-aloneBy TERRENCE McCOY 

Broward-Palm Beach New Times – 

BOCA RATON — Meris Kott has a thing for gold.

The Boca Raton woman wonders if her daughter would like gold for her birthday. She studies gold use in other countries. She’s got one of those old-timed gold obsessions we hear about in stories — in which pirates whisper there be GOLD — but rarely see manifested in contemporary life.

And now, Kott, 53, has taken her zest for gold and made it tangible, recently opening the first American credit card-operated gold vending machine in the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton. It’s a quest, she says, to bring gold to the American common man. People crowd around it, she says, and coo: “Wow. Gold.”

But these aren’t customers, she says — they’re investors.

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